How to choose a construction contractor to build your house?

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The construction of a house consists of a succession of stages. Among these, the choice of the construction contractor is of paramount importance. What is the process for choosing the right single-family home builder? How to assess its reliability?

How to choose a contractor company to build your house?

Having your own house built allows you to ensure that it perfectly meets your expectations.

The points to examine before choosing a construction contractor:

  • The reputation of the contractor company.
  • Its experience.
  • Its financial strength.
  • The quality of its services.
  • The guarantees it presents.

Choose a construction company with a solid financial base

For your construction project to be successful, the construction contractor to whom you will entrust the construction of your house must have strong shoulders.

Find an experienced contractor to build your home

In construction matters, even more than elsewhere, the experience, seniority and “know-how” of the contractor who will accompany you in your project, are criteria on which it is not possible to compromise.

A good way to make sure that a contractor delivers quality services is, quite simply, to carry out your little investigation, in particular by taking a look at the homes that it has already delivered.

Select several house contractors before you decide

Before putting your trust in a construction company, see several builders. Pre-select three or four construction companies.

Word of mouth

If the (good!) reputation of the construction company with whom you will be dealing is not a sufficient condition to make you prefer one constructor of single-family homes over another, it is clear that it is a necessary condition. In this age of social networks, you should easily collect opinions and testimonials about the performance and expertise of the builder to whom you plan to entrust the responsibility of the construction of your future house.


When asked what elements they had taken into account in choosing the professional who would build their house, 22% of those questioned persons answered the price, 22% admitted to favoring the geographical proximity of the company to the site, and 21% said they were based on the work quality.

Make sure the constructor is serious

To benefit from the guarantees of the construction contract and the sale in the future state of completion, choose an authorized construction company. In addition to the guarantees and perfect completion, you will then be covered in the event of  down payments before the start of the work and will benefit from the delivery guarantee at the agreed price and time.

Land, procedures: prepare your construction project

If you are already anxious for the construction to begin, you must nevertheless obtain a certain amount of information and answers, starting with the land. Finding land is not an easy task but it should be given your full attention, as poorly located or poor quality land can put your project at risk. First of all, you must know a certain amount of information about the servicing of the land, because unserviced land will entail costs and a delay of at least 3 months.

But you must also know the nature and condition of the soil, and also ask yourself about the professional who will be in charge of the work. For example, the services of an architect may be mandatory. Each professional delivers specific plans, which can be standardized, personalized or entirely tailor-made. Finally, you will not escape certain administrative procedures , so take note of these formalities so as not to waste time.

Stay alert throughout the construction phase

This is the most essential part of your project, the one you must pay all your attention to. Start by making sure that the planning permission application has been filed, read the terms and clauses of the construction contract carefully , but also think about less obvious elements such as proximity to a listed building, the label and standards of the building, the professionals you have chosen, etc.

You should also remember to take out structural damage insurance, and take the time to take a look at the site to observe its progress, etc. In short, the construction phase is very dense and you have to go through each point one by one to make sure that everything is going well.


The schedule for site visits must be mentioned in the contract.

Keep an eye out

Your house is finally finished, and you have only one idea in mind, to finally settle down after so many months of waiting. Be vigilant, your last job is to find the slightest imperfection. The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to miss construction defects.

When delivering your home, your eyes must be absolutely everywhere. The house must comply in all respects with what was mentioned in the contract, and the slightest defect must be reported to the construction contractor. So check every element, scrutinize every nook, operate any switch, any tap, and note what does not seem right to you before signing the report. You must take the time to consider the relevance of a professional by your side on the day of delivery.

How to choose a construction contractor to build your house?
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