Save energy. Save bills. Call windows fitters in Edinburgh.

The most important question the windows fitters in Edinburgh are asked is: How much can you save on bills by installing double glazed  – triple glazed – windows?

For the standard windows, heat loss reaches 40% through carpentry cracks, uninsulated spaces or uncontrolled air leaks.

The double glazing (triple glazing) windows technology makes your windows 50% more energy efficient (compared to standard windows). This important heat exchange insulation results in great fuel and energy savings. You will use less gas and electricity to keep the THERMAL CONFORT of your home. Thus, you can save every month up to 30% – 40% of the gas and energy bills expenses!

Comfort starts with the right temperature. Top thermal insulation means low heating costs. Give us a call and let’s talk with professional windows fitters in Edinburgh. Alpha Business Contractors Ltd will explain about how we can help you save on heating costs by installing modern windows. Make this your next home renovation project!

Old windows are the biggest source of energy loss in the house. They are poorly insulated and technologically obsolete. The result is easy to calculate: significant energy losses through windows, with detrimental implications for the family’s budget and comfort.

Windows fitters offer solutions for accurate heat insulation of your home from day one. Now, you can wait for the heat bills with no stress. Subsequent increases in energy prices will have a limited impact on your budget.

You want to arrange a modern and comfortable home, where you can really feel at home. You chose the furniture and you decided on a kitchen that would highlight your talent as a master chef. Now, it’s time to think about a very important element for the whole house: the windows. These large room eyes are very important for a healthy and relaxed life, and provide you with the latest technologies.

Loft double glazing windows

Here are the 10 most important advantages of double glazing (triple glazing) windows:

Choose the best for you and your family! Talk to us to find out the best budget for you. Consider the 10 most important advantages of double glazing (triple glazing) windows:

In addition to low energy bill costs, double-glazed windows have advantageous acquisition costs. These are the cheapest alternative with the greatest benefit during their life cycle.

Wondering how long a double glazing window will last? Well, for over few decades 25 to even 40 years, depending on the windows quality ( windows supplier) and fitters skills. PVC is a material resistant to environmental factors, and its appearance does not undergo major changes over time.

Remember that nowadays you are entitled to apply and ask for the DOUBLE GLAZING GRANT SCOTLAND. You can recover an important percentage of your new double glazed windows investment, going up to 100% off. 

Who is eligible for a GREEN DEAL LOAN?

All homeowners, landlords and tenants are entitled to apply and get the GREEN DEAL LOAN.

The Scotland government is offering energy-saving benefits grant. This special grant can be accessed as ECO (Energy Company Obligation), which is usable for double glazing – triple glazing –  installing upgrades

Applicant households must comply with the following requirements:

– You are eligible if:

a) you have a YEARLY total household income of £30,000 or less;

b) you have a YEARLY total household income of £20,000 or less after housing costs ;

– You are eligible if you own a property or live in a building having an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of D, E, F or G (the 4 lowest ratings).

Velux windows

1. You have more light in the house

Install double glazing (triple glazing) windows and you will benefit from more natural light during the long day! You will be in a better mood, and you will correct your vitamin D deficiency. Install large sliding doors, which you can easily handle with a single touch. This way you enjoy the view, and the design of the room is exceptional, because the rooms will be brighter and will look more spacious.

2. Noise is significantly reduced, you enjoy more peace.

Are you bothered by busy street noise or noisy neighbors? With double glazing (triple glazing) windows you get rid of unwanted sound and enjoy the peace. A better acoustic quality can be achieved by using insulated triple glazing.

You can opt for triple-glazed windows, which have 3 layers of glass in a durable glass package, which ensure your sound and thermal comfort. Call the windows fitters from Alpha BC for a custom made offer!

Using this technology, we improve the sound value from 30 to 45 decibels.

windows wall

3. You benefit from thermal comfort in any season

You can save money and cut your energy bills up to 50%. It’s all about thermal comfort … you definitely want to have a comfortable home in the summer and enough heat in the winter.

With the help of triple-glazed windows with 3 glass sheets, you keep the optimum temperature inside, regardless of the season. The electricity and gas bills are much lower, which also ensures significant savings for your family budget.

4. It’s easier to ventilate your home

You are on the road all day, and in the evening, when you get home, an unventilated house is waiting for you. Solve the problem and choose double-glazing (triple glazing) windows with parallel opening, 6 mm. This technology allowing the ventilation of the spaces throughout the day, even when you are away.

No dust enters, no outside noise is heard, drafts no longer slam the windows as they used to. The small parallel 6 mm opening brings you the comfort of an airy house, with fresh air at all times. In addition, the steel safety components placed throughout the window withstand burglary attempts.

5. Prevent the formation of mold and dampness

A great advantage of double-glazing (triple glazing) windows is the possibility of slow and controlled ventilation, in 4 stages, by equipping with micro ventilation. This way you avoid condensation, dampness or mold, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

We provide our customers with high Quality hardware and high-performance windows closing-opening mechanisms. This allows you to leave the windows ajar even when you go on holiday for a longer period.

6. Effectively defend the house of criminals

The technical characteristics mentioned above bring another advantage: with double-glazing windows, your house is better protected from criminals. They cannot enter the house by forcing the windows, because the perfectly sealed windows are equipped with anti-burglary steel plates and resistant hardware.

Choose laminated glass or duplex glass and get rid of the fear of thieves or the worry of accidental banging on windows.

7. Better protect children and all family members

Yes, all sorts of small accidents happen at home, and the youngest members of the family are usually the perpetrators. They use to play and hitting the windows inadvertently, or they want to open the window out of curiosity and go outside. Solve this problem by installing laminated glass windows, shock resistant and shatterproof.

Choose insulated windows with laminated glass, because they have 2 rows of glass joined by a plastic foil, which keeps the window intact. This will be avoiding the scattering of shards. You benefit from an extra safety for children if you mount key handles on the windows. This feature make it impossible for the little ones to open them.

The children can play at will, even when you can’t sit next to them all the time, to watch them. For more detailed information call our specialists and you will get a free custom made offer.

8. Take care of pets more easily

Pets are safe


With the help of quality double glazing windows, you can provide clean air to your beloved pet throughout the day, when you are at work, and he is waiting for you at home. The 6 mm perimeter opening we mentioned earlier is exactly what you need to ensure the desired comfort. Don’t worry, the cat or the puppy can’t go out the window, risking injury.

9. Reduce the time required for cleaning and maintenance

With double glazing (triple glazing) windows, house cleaning becomes a game. Because they are made of modern, quality materials, they have windows that are easy to wash and maintain. You don’t need to do without much effort for a long time. In addition, you benefit from the advantages of laminated glass. You significantly reduce the transmission of UV radiation and thus the furniture inside keeps its texture and color intact for a longer time.

10. You benefit from the best cost-benefit ratio. Call for free counselling and quotation!

When installing double glazing (triple glazing) windows, you benefit from the best quality at reasonable prices. Turn your home into the comfortable and bright home you have always wanted. You have at your disposal innovative materials, state-of-the-art technologies and a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures.

All costs are beneficial, especially since the investment is quickly recovered through the savings you make by reducing energy waste !

Why choose sliding glass doors ?

sliding glass doors

More and more often we meet new and new options for arranging interior spaces. When it comes to choosing the doors of our house, search for the advice of a specialized windows fitter in Edinburgh.

They can offer you ways to optimize the space without omitting the practical aspect or the design. Every thing we buy for the house must comply with the aesthetic standards imposed by each of us.

When it comes to choosing interior doors we have a wide variety of door systems to choose from. PVC doors, wooden doors, glass doors, aluminum doors are some of the general options. Yet, which doors are suitable for your home?

The so-called sliding glass doors and sliding doors have recently become some of the most popular products for choosing home joinery.

Why? The answer is very simple. Their design manage to adapt to the most modern architectural structures. Glass doors contributing to a harmonious delimitation of the space, to an enlarged, bright visual aspect.

What you need to know from the beginning is that sliding glass doors successfully replace any type of door. We are talking about an entrance door, a kitchen door, a bathroom door, a hallway door or a children’s room door.

Therefore, our recommendation is to look for solutions to optimize the space, especially if you live in block of flats, where the space is not so generous. We can also talk about space optimization in the case of office space. If you are thinking of redesigning your home or workspace, this article will hopefully answer the question “Why choose sliding glass doors?”

And yet… why choose sliding glass doors?

More and more of us want to spend as much time outdoors or allow sunlight or air to enter our homes, then an optimal option would be to choose these types of systems. Sliding glass doors, whether we are making them on PVC profile or on aluminum profile, we serve your preferences and needs.

Sliding glass doors successfully replace any other type of door. In addition to its primary functionality, that of access, they allow optimal brightness of the space, ventilation but also a beautiful view. Here’s why sliding glass doors create a harmonious connection between interior and exterior space.

Modern design of sliding glass doors

glass doors

The modern design makes them different from the other interior doors. Although the sliding or sliding systems have recently appeared on the market, they have easily found their place, managing to reach the top of our preferences lately. Why? Through its modern design and easy integration.

Sliding glass doors have a very easy maneuverability and their lifespan is longer. Call us for technical specifications.

Sliding doors can be easily operated even by children. A little tip: find out that they have a special system designed so that your little ones will not get their fingers on the door. Interior or exterior hinged doors tend to sag over time due to their weight. Sliding door systems are specially designed for much better durability.

Optimal room lighting

Sliding glass doors, being almost entirely made of glass, will allow optimal lighting of the room. They creating space illusion and a comfortable interior design. If you don’t know, an optimally lit house will give you the feeling that it is a bigger house.

Optimal ventilation

Optimal ventilation is no longer a surprise. Due to their large size it will allow a good ventilation of the room, when the weather conditions are favorable. You can opt for sliding glass doors to delineate the space between the living room and the garden. Once you open them you will have the feeling that you are in nature. Pay us a visit to discuss about your project.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance for both PVC and aluminum profiles. Reliability over the time is very high.


At Alpha BC we recommend the sliding glass doors, if we take into account the safety. At first sight the sliding glass doors might seem quite fragile, but they are extremely secure. This way you will feel completely safe.

Increased comfort

Sliding glass doors will provide you with all the comfort you need. You can get a free counseling from our windows fitters in Edinburgh, according to your needs. Sliding systems are the optimal solution for the connection between the kitchen spaces (for example) and the terrace or garden.

In addition to the comfort we were talking about, they integrate the interior space with the exterior, as an integral part of it.

Lower heating bill

In the current context when utility bills have simply exploded, one of the main concerns of every family is to identify ways to reduce monthly utilities expenses. In fact, no one likes to waste money. Especially now, in a not-so-prosperous historical times. So, we try to find solutions that are both effective and immediate. Windows fitters at Alpha BC are professionals ready to assist and offer you accurate solutions. 

If you want to save money, you need to make sure that your efforts pay off in the short term.

One of the most effective ways to save money is to avoid waste.  In the construction industry this means better construction techniques and more advanced technologies, such as double glazed windows. We also highly recommend the triple glazed windows. 

Double glazed windows

Double glazing (triple glazing) and energy saving

Fitting and installation of double glazing has changed the industry, but it has also begun to educate end consumers about the concept of energy saving.

We are showing our customers the positive effects of double-glazed windows in terms of energy efficiency. Thus, people have begun to realize that it is possible to recoup some of the costs incurred by reducing energy waste, with direct benefits on the invoice. Everything is possible by investing in better materials and technologies when building or renovating a home. The best way to spread the word about a technology is to solve a specific and common problem, such as energy and bills saving.

But why save money on double-glazed (triple glazed) windows?

When we say that double-glazed windows reduce energy costs, we are referring to a seemingly trivial process. We insulate the house more efficiently, preventing the cold from entering the house in the winter and the heat from coming out.  Thus, we can use much less heating to regulate the temperature in the house. We will simply consume less electricity, wood, pellets, natural gas or other fuels used to power our home heating systems. And if we consume less, we spend less money. Simple but effective!

How do double glazed (triple glazed) windows work? 

They are made of two sheets of glass at a distance of a few millimeters apart, creating a space inside. This special space, properly sealed  and insulated, makes it possible to significantly reduce the energy dissipation. This process is typical of older buildings.

Usually, a special gas is chosen, which has a lower heat exchange coefficient than air and therefore provides better insulation. The two most commonly used special gases in double-glazed windows are argon and krypton. The two gases are  present in the Earth’s atmosphere, but in tiny amounts. In addition to the introduction of gas inside the double glazing, the two or three frame windows are further apart. This way, the insulation will increase even more. The result will be significantly  savings in energy bills.

Low-E double glazing windows

Today, there is a very wide range of double glazed windows. The choice of such windows can also depend on simple aesthetic factors, the design of the house and the style of furniture used.

Do not forget the acoustic insulation needs.

Fortunately, double-glazed windows can be installed on windows made of: wood, PVC, aluminum or hybrid solutions (PVC or aluminum and wood paneling), which have an undeniable charm.

One of the most popular solutions in recent years has been PVC windows with double-glazed windows, plated with wood. This to combine energy efficiency and thermal and acoustic insulation of this material with the beauty and strength of wood.

PVC double-glazed (triple glazed) windows have the advantage of being cheaper than wooden or aluminum windows. At the same time,, they offer lower maintenance costs. Finally, it should be noted that PVC has a low impact on the environment. Due to its composition, it makes PVC almost entirely recyclable. Briefly, not only will you benefit from the advantages of using double-glazed windows, but also nature. Call windows fitters in Edinburgh for a personalized offer according to your home needs!

Save energy. Save bills. Call windows fitters in Edinburgh.
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