Bathroom renovation in Edinburgh, tips and ideas

A plumbing system well designed and built from the beginning, which is periodically checked, should not rise big problems. Plumbing and bathroom installations Edinburgh are rarely damaged if they are used correctly.

However, due to wear and tear during operation, or improper use, the plumbing system ends up faulty and needing the intervention of bathroom fitters Edinburgh.

Well, let us tell you: We all had to deal with a broken or cracked pipe (radiators, plumbing) or water flooding. We are all scared of the heating system being faulty during the winter time. Nobody wants to deal with urgent sewerage problems.

To avoid these emergency cases, there are a lot of certified installers or bathroom installation specialists in Edinburgh that you can use with the utmost confidence. Especially, to repair or periodically check and maintain the entire water circuit in your flat or house.

A house extension in Edinburgh can be:

  • a wooden structure attic with a proper insulation;
  • a room attached to the main building , built with a concrete foundation, brick walls, and solid roof;
  • a glass and steel construction like a conservatory; A conservatory built of UPVC and glass structure is very popular in Scotland due to the very affordable prices;
  • a wooden construction with a proper foundation, simply attached to the existing house.
The options for a house extension are numerous, as you will see in the examples below. Of course, the final project is influenced by a lot of factors:
  • materials to be used;
  • house location;
  • house structural frame;
  • yard size;
  • soil composition;
  • town planning.
The whole process has to start with a building survey, especially if you want to vertically extend the house. It is important to make sure that the foundation and the structure will cope with the extra load.The architecture of the new building does not have to have the same style as the rest of the house. In most cases, unique combinations of shapes or volumes can give rise to extremely original projects.Just to trigger your curiosity here it’s just an example:

What can happen to my plumbing or gas facility ?

Think about unexpected floods, unpleasant odors caused by sewer clogging and implicitly angry neighbors. All these occur mainly as a result of not dealing with minor problems with the plumbing, gas or heating system in the house at the right time.

Choose to work with an authorized technician, who also offers you technical assistance for any kind of emergency. This way, you can save significant amounts of money or prevent more serious problems.

Some bathroom fitters in Edinburgh offer free quotations. For any kind of work you can even ask a price quotation in a maximum of 24 hours, from experienced installers.

An emergency plumber is available at any time, regardless of the day, to sort out the most urgent problems and make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Emergency plumbers services are very expensive, though.

So, we kindly advise you to periodically check your plumbing, heating and gas facilities to avoid big troubles.

When should you call a plumbing repair company from Edinburgh?

Call whenever you notice leaks or when the bathroom installation hardly works at all. As the plumbing materials (or boilers, radiators) are ageing, the first problems appear: water flooding the basement and parts of the plumbing that fail because of too much wear.

Call an authorized technician, be it about a faulty gasket for radiators, unclogging a main pipe, a broken valve or tap or complex repairs to plumbing or heating, for the sake of your safety.

If you leave the problems unsolved, you can easily cause floods and complete damage to the facilities and your property. Worst case scenario, you can flood your neighbors’ property. Paying for your angry neighbors repainting or repairing flats is the last  thing you might need.

Avoid neighbors suing you for water damage

Flooding can also cause electric short circuit. Either inside your property or your neighbors properties. God forbid, you might need to pay for repairs to both your home and neighbors properties.

You never know when something might happen to the plumbing. If you have major breakdowns during the day, you are likely to find Edinburgh bathroom fitters. Just think what you would do if the plumbing failed during the night. The non-stop, emergency services offered by experienced bathroom companies in Edinburgh can be the only solution to solve serious problems at home.

However, some insurance companies do not cover plumbing repairs to bathroom installations. In an emergency situation it is easy to panic and accept whatever price the plumber may ask.

Though, don’t be impressed either by the low prices and empty promises. The low price should not be, in such cases, an essential factor in making the best decision.

Find a skilled plumber or bathroom fitter in Edinburgh with experience and certification.

Think about these features when making your final choice and you will not regret it.

Things to keep in mind when you need a bathroom fitter

A good plumbing or bathroom fitter  is hard to find in Edinburgh, especially since these professionals are in high demand and are not always available because they are busy.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that you may come across people who try to deceive you and who will perform very poor quality work, making mistakes in the assembling of bathroom supply and fit. That could lead to serious and immediate damage or damage can occur during time.





How to  choose a certified plumber or bathroom fitter in Edinburgh who does a good job ?

So here’s what you need to consider:

  • Check if the bathroom fitter or bathroom installation specialist has a license or certification. 
  • Choose a professional who works for a bathroom company in Edinburgh

Check if he has a certification that will give him the right to supply the services you need. This aspect must be met.  Especially if it is serious work that requires skilled and certified workforce. You can also check if he has schooling, a diploma or specialized training courses.

  • Ask the persons for how long they have been working in the field of plumbing or bathroom supply and fitting.

Old age is a very good aspect that you can be guided by. You can figure out if the plumbing installer will get the job done or if there is a possibility that he will disappear after solving your problem or not. Bathroom fitters in Edinburgh or bathroom installations specialists with a good reputation do not risk losing it. Meanwhile, people with a bad reputation can disappear from the market at any time.

  • Ask about a warranty

In case of these types of works a certain guarantee is also needed. Of course, this cannot go on indefinitely. Make sure that the bathroom company you turn to, issues a written guarantee and an invoice.

  • Get a fixed and fair quote

The key to a correct assessment is the one carried out on the working site. Try to avoid the price quotation by the phone, as it can be unreal in most cases. Professional plumbers or bathroom fitters always prefer to provide an assessment only when they are on site. It is better for everything to be estimated correctly in terms of materials and workmanship than to realize that the initial perspective was not a correct one.

How can I find bathroom fitters or bathroom installations specialists near me?

Of course, the simplest and most obvious source of information we can turn to is the internet, even small advertisements in newspapers or fliers.

In any case, it is best to focus on an experienced team in the field, that can provide services at any time, to successfully solve urgent problems. In addition, if you turn to a company and not to a craftsman who claims to know everything, you will benefit from a guarantee for their workmanship.

Compared to a person who provides services without authorization, a bathroom fitting company comes with many unbeatable advantages. So here they are:

  • An Edinburgh installer or bathroom installations specialists who can provide emergency services as a qualified one in the field! A specialized company will never risk tarnishing its reputation by sending an inexperienced employee on site.
  • An employed plumber works according to certain standards and certificates. In other words, he offers its services neatly, keeping all the necessary standards to satisfy any customer.
  • Companies can easily deal with unforeseen and unavoidable situations such as floods or damage caused by certain mistakes made by those who have worked in the past or by unskilled people. Regardless of the situation, the damages will be sorted out in the shortest time and in the most efficient way possible.

How to fit a bathroom in Edinburgh, quickly and safely ? Find out more about bathroom installations!  

If you are about to plan your bathroom renovation, then you are in the right place to carry out your project.

Clogged pipes, cracked pipes, leaking taps, faucets and broken valves are problems that occur frequently and require repairs/replacement all the time. Bathroom installations are a matter of top quality work in Edinburgh.

A team of professional certified bathroom fitters can help you in any situation, when a plumbing failure has occurred or if major repairs are needed.

Tips and tricks to deal smoothly with any plumbing project or emergency

  • Get well informed and choose the services of a professional from the beginning, no matter how simple a job is.
  • Choose to work with a certified plumber from the beginning, who also offers you technical assistance and guarantee for any kind of plumbing problem. You can save significant amounts of money or prevent the occurrence of more serious problems.
  • Take action urgently for:
  1. Leaks or cracks in the plumbing or gas system
  2. Defects and faults in plumbing and gas system
  3. Pipe and sewerage clogging
  4. Faulty heating boilers, leaking or clotted radiators
  5. Damage to dishwashers or laundry washing machine or other household appliances

Keep in mind that neglected plumbing faults can cause huge damages.

The teams of plumbing specialists respond promptly to urgent cases. They do all the necessary works for repair or replacement of the old and faulty bathroom installations.

Why certified bathroom fitters and professional bathroom installations Edinburgh ? 

As an advantage, certified installers or bathroom installations specialists ensure all the phases of the execution of the installations. They will start with your case study, to the bathroom design, needed repairs, completion of the work and maintenance. A skilled certified plumber will handle all the challenges, regardless of the difficulties encountered or the type of plumbing or gas installation. Their liability is valid at least until the final acceptance of the supplies and works.

As an advice, you will need to call for a specialist who deals with repairs (plumbing or gas installation repairs) for the following works:

  • Replacing bathtub, sink, shower or toilet washbasin faucets, toilet seat
  • Replacement of fixed or flexible connections from the bathtub, sink or toilet washbasin faucet
  • Replacing the tap gasket
  • Repair and fix the boiler, radiators, heating system, sink, bathtub or shower
  • Installing new boiler or radiators
  • Replacing the toilet, bidet or water tank mechanism of the toilet bowl or drain connections for it
  • Repair or installing of dishwasher, washing machine or air conditioner and all their piping connections
  • Repair of pipes at plumbing and gas connections
  • Replacement of connections for plastic (polypropylene) or copper pipes
  • Changing the safety valves of the plumbing and gas installations in the bathroom or for the kitchen
  • Replacement and repair of plumbing fixtures
  • Clogging off columns, sewers, floor drains and drain pipes
  • Replacing and replacing cracked or rusty pipe segments
  • Replacement and installation of check valves for plumbing and gas installations

To sum up 

  • Remember that repairs to the plumbing or gas installation can be dealt with only by bathroom installations specialists.
  • Otherwise, you can endanger your property, your life or that of your entire family by appealing to unskilled people without the necessary training in this area.
  • Try not to analyze a situation just in terms of price. Don’t let this be the key to making the best decision.
  • Find an experienced plumber in Edinburgh who provides you with appropriate solutions to your or your company’s needs, in terms of repairs and work to be done on the plumbing and gas installation.
  • Promptness, professionalism, quality of work and efficiency should be the main characteristics of a bathroom installations professional. Guide yourself according to these solutions.
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