Flat renovation Edinburgh: ideas and inspiration

Frequently we can admire the ideas and promptness with which interior design specialists complete flat renovation projects in Edinburgh, in various television shows. You probably dream of the day when you will hand over the keys to the team leader’s building specialists, and he will mobilize the employees of the construction company. You and your family will relax in a well-deserved vacation, as long as your flat gets a new improved face. 

In reality, things are a little different, because the evolution of the works will have to be carefully followed, especially if the budget allocated to the renovation is not unlimited.

Flat Renovation Edinburgh
Flat renovation Edinburgh
Flat renovation Edinburgh

You will need to know each step involved in your flat renovation Edinburgh, for a more clear record of expenses.  Also, you need to ensure that the team of workers and craftsmen hired to rebuild your home in Edinburgh will maintain the pace of work and quality of services provided. If you are preparing to renovate your home and are looking for more precise information regarding this project challenges, you have come to the right place. 

Flat renovation Edinburgh, when should it be done ?

Flat renovation Edinburgh

Assuming that you share the apartment or house only with your family and that you have tried to keep the property in good condition over the time, the complete flat renovation Edinburgh should be done within maximum 15 years after the last refurbishment.

The reasons for renovating your home can be many, but the following should prevail, regardless of the situation:

  • you will benefit from increased comfort, bringing the interior of your home up to the level of the current trends in terms of interior design or furniture
  • you will increase the value of the home, if you consider selling it at some point
  • you will benefit from an increased security, assuming the fact that during the renovation process you will also concretely analyze the condition of the house in terms of its structure.
  • you will enjoy increased energy efficiency, ie you will greatly reduce utility bills.

Of course, the recommended time period of 15 years can be shortened, if the destination of the property is not strictly the residence of your own family, ie if you rented it to other people. 

Evaluation of the home – First step in flat renovation Edinburgh

Home evaluation and planning for flat renovation Edinburgh

As in the field of tailoring, in construction and interior design you have to measure twice before you get to cutting. In other words, you will need the opinion of a building specialist to know exactly what works and improvements your home needs. We suggest you turn to an specialist or appraiser, be he an architect or a builder, who will make you valuable recommendations while doing a flat renovation Edinburgh.

They will help you save money, if the advice involves refurbishing, instead of completely replacing the walls, parquet, ceramic wall and floor tiles or pieces of furniture inside, or they will prepare you for the expenses to be made, for a desired renovation.

Home renovation company, the best choice you can make  

Flat renovation Edinburgh company

A specialized team in interior works will save you a lot of worries and will help you save money, because:

  • the workers in the team are specialized in specific fields, so the final result will be a very good one
  • the team leader will come up with a practical work plan,  so you will have a clear record of the expenses to be made
  • can conclude a service contract for the agreed works, so you have more control over the deadline for completion of works. Also include in the contract a list of detailed works to be done and the agreed prices.
  • you will receive a guarantee (warrant certificate) for the performed works,  so you will be carefree.

       The construction engineer will sign the acceptance of the works. He will put you in touch by informing you with the changes ( improvements) need to be made. These could be:

  • a) replacement of the electrical network (rewiring, including supply and fit a new fuse box), if the old one can represent a danger for the building
  • b) renovation of the walls, if the existing ones have cracks, water infiltrations ( mold, dampness ) or walls are not perfectly straight (multi finish plastering with the skim finish, fixing cracks with fibre-glass mesh or metal mesh for deep cracks)
  • c) changing tiles, flooring or parquet, if the floors of the flat or the ceramic walls of the bathroom or kitchen are in a state of degradation
  • d) window repair or replacement, if old carpentry is deteriorated or loosened at the fasteners
  • e) replacement of sanitary ware (sinks, toilets bowls , bath tub, shower, supply & fit new boiler) ), if the old ones can no longer be used in hygienic conditions.
  • f)  Radiators, gas, water and household waste pipes – if they are rusty, clogged or even cracked;

         IMPORTANT: it is not enough to check the integrity of the above items. You should also pay attention to possible infiltrations – under the bathtub, behind the sinks or the toilet bowl and even behind the false walls, if you have such a thing in the house. Also, dampness and mold require special treatment, if you want to be sure that you will not have problems after a flat renovation Edinburgh.

      Additional works can be added when workers identify potential issues.

Once you have developed the “plan of attack”, you can move on to the next step, that of establishing the costs of flat renovation Edinburgh.

Estimate the costs in a flat renovation Edinburgh

One of the most important rules of renovation is to never underestimate the costs. Almost always, the initial projection ( planning) will result in a sum of money that you will have to supplement along the way, because the initial quotation takes into account only the estimated costs of materials and labor.

In addition to a surplus of materials, you also need to consider any fees or subcontracting – many companies specializing in renovations and landscaping might subcontract some more complex work, such as installing double glazing or electrical networks, to dedicated companies.

Overall, it’s a good idea to expect 20% higher costs than the project phase estimates, while carrying out a flat renovation Edinburgh.

Choose to invest in the highest quality products and high-performance construction materials, in order to enjoy the result for as long as possible and not to have to go through the discomfort created by a home renovation in less than 5 years. upon completion of the works.

Asses correctly, from the beginning, the need for construction materials and keep, during the evolution of the works, all the receipts related to purchases of this type. 

Decide if you are renovating the whole house or just a part of it

Once you have determined the costs of renovating your home – and depending on the funds you have available, you need to decide if you can commit to renovating the entire home or just part of it.

If your money is limited, the order in which you plan your repair work is important, because it must follow a natural course.

Always focus first on renovating the basic elements of your home: walls, floors, electrical network rewiring and pipes, heating system. If you start with replacing the windows or bathroom or kitchen refurbishment, then you will have to disassemble them again when you want to repair the plaster on the walls or change the tiles. Usually do the floors as the last works during flat renovation Edinburgh project. If you wish to install wardrobes or cupboards then floor must be fitted first.

How long does it take to carry out a flat renovation in Edinburgh?

Depending on the complexity of the work to be performed,  the craftsmen team leader in charge with the renovation of your flat renovation Edinburgh, will present you with a work plan. The timescale can spread over several days or even weeks. In relation to this, you can carefully plan in detail the period you will spend away from home. Keep in mind that if you have opted for the complete renovation of your home, you will most likely have to move to another living space for a couple of weeks. Allow enough time before the workers arrive to gather all personal or valuables from the apartment and store them safely, either in a rented space or with a close relative or friend.

Large furniture can be moved to the center of the rooms and covered with special foil to remain protected throughout the flat renovation Edinburgh. A great company like Alpha Business Contractors Ltd will always cover and move your furniture for free!!

If the renovation is going to be performed only in one room, kitchen refurbishment or bathroom refurbishment, then you can stay and live in your home and keep an eye on the ongoing works. 

Your main duty will be to constantly check that, the deadline for the completion of the various stages of renovation is met. You can take pictures inside the apartment, as the work progresses, to have control over them, during a flat renovation Edinburgh.

Bathroom Refurbishment Home 1 v1
Flat renovation Edinburgh – Bathroom refurbishment
Bathroom Refurbishment Home 1 v2
Flat renovation Edinburgh – Bathroom refurbishment

Mistakes to be avoided when you carry out a home renovation Edinburgh project

Take the following tips into account and apply them exactly if you want to enjoy a desired result.

DO NOT sit on the workers’ heads watching them non stop – As long as you have hired a craftsmen team specialized  in interior works, allow them to do their job and only intervene in case of non-compliance with the contract agreed and signed at the beginning of the flat renovation Edinburgh.
DO NOT buy cheap materials – your comfort and the safety of your family are priceless, so invest in quality construction materials.
DO NOT hire lonely workers – Even if the price charged by the team of construction specialists can be higher, choose not to resort to “one man show” workers, to avoid any inconvenience that may occur later, due to the lack of experience of the latter .

These are the best ideas to keep in mind when you start planning your flat renovation Edinburgh. Good luck with that!

Flat renovation Edinburgh: ideas and inspiration

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