Attic conversion in Edinburgh, add value to your property

Here there are some of the benefits, advantages. Which might be the problems to face regarding the attic conversion in Edinburgh ?

Your home is a special place for everyone of us and not just a space where you can relax after daily activities . It also can be an investment in your family’s welfare and future. It’s natural to want to make home renovations in Edinburgh and increase your home’s value.

From this point of view, lofts and attics conversion are the masterpieces of renovations. The converted attics  have a high potential to be special and cozy rooms well integrated in the house when given the right decorations destinations. 

Attic conversion (loft conversion) into bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, storage , dressing wardrobe or gym space are only a few ideas.

Attic conversions can raise your property value up to 20% – 30% in Edinburgh.

What are the advantages of  the attic conversion ? 

It may be a little more difficult to arrange an attic conversion compared to other rooms but it offers you some important advantages.

  • Plenty of natural light . The attic offers you the opportunity to position large windows right on the roof, which means that during the day, the room will be completely naturally lit. This is a great advantage, especially if you use the attic as a work space, because natural light is less stressing than artificial light and, in addition, it helps you to reduce energy consumption. Also natural light coming directly through high windows can be very appreciated in Edinburgh because of the many days of the rainy and cloudy weather. Attic conversion in Edinburgh is in high demand.
  • Increasing property value up to 25 % to 30 %                           

    Good thermal insulation in a attic conversion (loft conversion) in Edinburgh.                                                                         

     A house with an attic enjoys additional insulation compared to those that do not have this space. Moisture and cold air might enter the home through the air vents in the roof. Thus, the house is better thermally insulated. The heat will be maintained not only in the attic, but in all rooms. Providing much more coziness than other rooms, the attics and lofts are located on the top floor of the house.  This, gives them more isolation from the other rooms and, implicitly, more privacy. In addition, the main feature of an attic and loft – narrow walls and sloping ceiling – gives it a comfortable and romantic look. 

How to prepare your attic for conversion and arrangement? 

Before start looking for furniture and decorations, you have to prepare the attic conversion ( loft conversion) Edinburgh. How do you do that?

First of all, you have to deal with the insulation of the attic conversion (loft conversion) Edinburgh.

The role of insulation is to protect the interior space of the attic or loft.  Wind and rain, coldness, moisture, humidity, infiltrations, mold, but also from noise.  So that whenever you spend your time here, nothing bothers you. For both interior and exterior insulation, you can use polystyrene.

In addition, when having a good insulation you do not have not worry about the heating system of the rooms.  You can use radiators, floor-heating or electrical panels. Another important aspect is the ventilation system. This is very important because the space in the attic conversion is prone to moisture. It is best to ask for the service of a professional, who will guide you according to the characteristics of the space you have.

Note that insulation play an extremely important role during a attic conversion.

Velux Windows , a new era for your attic conversion ( loft conversion) Edinburgh 

Space, fresh air and light in a unique style. From the VELUX premium solutions for the attic conversion (loft conversion) Edinburgh. The roof of your house, adapted for any project.

It is necessary to integrate the Velux windows into the roof. You can choose large windows, designed especially for the attic or loft, if you want to get a bright environment, but you can also choose small windows, if you prefer a darker space. Windows play an important role in the way how your attic looks, but also in the comfortable atmosphere that is created in it.

Attic conversion (loft conversion) EdimburghKITCHEN attic conversion (loft conversion) Edinburgh

Which is more advantageous, to mount a VELUX window, or to make a skylight?

You need to do an attic conversion (loft conversion) Edinburgh. If the height of the room allows you to stand without touching the ceiling with your head, the VELUX attic window is the best choice! A VELUX window requires lower installation and maintenance costs than a skylight. Due to the installation position, the amount of light provided by an attic window is much higher compared to a skylight (we refer here to the same size of the window). So the answer is the VELUX attic window.

Which VELUX window suits me?

From the point of view of wood protection, VELUX windows are divided into two categories: windows with colorless lacquer protection, and windows with white polyurethane protection (windows with increased resistance to moisture).

If you want to install an attic window in your bathroom or kitchen, choose one with white polyurethane protection. They have been specially created for rooms with high humidity.

How many VELUX attic windows should I install in my attic conversion (loft conversion) Edinburgh ?

As many !!! I was kidding! Everyone knows the light they need to feel comfortable. In some countries there is a standard according to which the glazed surface must represent 12% of the floor area.

Our recommendation would be that the glazed surface tends to 10% of the floor area.

The distance between the rafters is too small, and it does not allow me to install a window of the desired size. What can I do ? 

Choosing the width of the window according to the distance between the rafters is a wrong approach! A window of any width can be perfectly installed in almost any roof, as long as its weight has been taken into account. The wooden structure of the frame (rafters) is adjusted to the size of the window by a yoke. Therefore, we recommend that when choosing a window to consider the surface, design and layout of the room, not the distance between the rafters. 

Are there any VELUX windows with matt glass?

No, there are no frosted windows. If you want, you can mount (fix) a matte foil on the glass of the attic window. Considering the positioning of VELUX windows, we recommend you to choose high quality products, resistant to time.

Are there any fixed VELUX attic windows that do not open?

Yes, there are, but they are designed to be installed with VELUX mobile windows (windows that open). If you want to buy such a window due to the low budget, you should know that such a window costs more than a window with a medium opening.

Are there any VELUX windows with rain sensor?

Some types of VELUX  windows are equipped at the factory with a rain sensor. You have a manual window and you want to install an electric motor to open and close it. It’s  good to know that it also comes equipped with a rain sensor.

How to convert your attic according the purpose of its use


  • Bedroom The attic is an intimate space, which makes it an deal room for rest and enjoying time. Place the bed in the area where the ceiling is down . Save the space where the ceiling is high to place some of the furniture. Use light colors for both furniture and walls. Choose as option  for large windows and you will get a spacious room with an airy and cozy atmosphere.
  • Full bathroom or walk in shower

    Depending on how you want to use it with your family, you will know how to arrange the bathroom and what materials you need.

    Is your family becoming more and more numerous or you need to accommodate  guests ? The need to have an extra bathroom or just walk in shower in your house is an increasingly tempting option? You will surely avoid the problems when you want to use the bathroom and it is busy. Also, you can arrange a bathroom exclusively for your relaxation and care programs.

    You could arrange a full bathroom in the loft of the house, with a toilet, sink, bathtub or shower. Possibly even a washing machine. Or just a walk in shower, according to the available space. 

    bathroom or walk in shower
    Full bathroom or walk in shower
Loft conversion into office
  • Living room  You want your loft to be the space where you welcome your friends, guests and relatives to visit.  Its walls are sloping ,so it is important to pay attention to the type of furniture you will choose. You love solid wood furniture, but better idea is to focus on pale or light wood furniture. Let’s don’t  visually overload the space. You can choose shelves positioned directly on the wall, a coffee table. Create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere both for you and your guests you will have.

  • Baby’s room or Children’s  space playground The attic can be an ideal playground for children if it is properly arranged.  Depending on their high energy dose and their needs for play and study. The little ones are attracted by the bright colors. Combine them with pale shades, so that children can use the space for play. Also for relaxation or even studying for schooling activities. Equip the room with colorful rugs, shelves with coloring books, toys, a table and a chair. Give your children the environment they need to feel as good as possible.

Loft conversion into kitchen
  • Kitchen You may have difficulty finding the right furniture given the presence of the sloping ceiling. It’s a good idea to consider ordering one according to your needs. Kitchens installed in a converted loft need to be tailored and customized according to the specific needs and space. It is advisable to arrange your work area near the windows. Both to have good lighting, but also for good ventilation when cooking. For decoration, you can use a few plants, which will refresh the atmosphere in the kitchen.                                                                                                                   

Attic conversion Edinburgh why not an office ? 

        During COVID pandemic, working from home has become our normality. So a separate office is highly needed during these times !

       Office: If you want to use your attic as an office, it would be ideal for it to have large dimensions, but also imposing windows, which illuminate the space very well. You will need to create a productive, inspirational and relaxed atmosphere, and colors. Furniture also play an important role in this. Choose light colors to create an effect of enlarging the space and use decorative objects that will provoke your creativity, such as paintings with inspirational messages.


Attic conversion, why not a Home cinema  ?                     After  a tiresome day at work or over the weekends, you deserve a few hours of relaxation in front of a good movie. A home cinema in the attic or loft, so that you don’t waste time on the way to the cinema in the city, is ideal. Especially on rainy or cold days when you just want to enjoy the comfort of your own home. For this, you need small windows to create the dark atmosphere that is found in cinemas, comfortable furniture that includes a few armchairs, but also a large screen. In one corner, you can even arrange a minibar, which you can supply with chips, popcorn and drinks. 

How to convert and arrange the attic according to its size and dimensions? 

Space is often a problem when it comes to arranging a room, because, if it is insufficient, it limits your options quite a lot. Space can also be an issue, especially when you have in mind transforming your attic. However, by choosing the right ones, you will be able to obtain, at the same time, a useful and pleasant space.

  • Arranging a small or narrow attic . If the space provided by the attic is small, you should choose furniture that does not take up much space. Do not load the room with unnecessary things that do not serve any specific purpose, but focus on those that have a practical purpose. The size of the attic and its architecture will help you decide how you will use the room.
  • Arranging a large attic If you have a large attic, it means that you have several options in arranging and using it. You can even segment and repartition the space so that your loft fulfills several roles simultaneously. You can choose built-in furniture and in this case you have more freedom in terms of decoration, because you do not have to limit yourself to objects that have a strictly practical purpose.

What styles can do an attic conversion ? 

Regardless of the purpose for which you use your attic, the style you choose for its arrangement must represent you and fit perfectly to your preferences, so as to outline and represent that specific atmosphere you need. Generally, the attics are arranged in either rustic or modern style, but they can be adapted to everyone’s tastes.

  • Rustic loft or attic  Rustic style suits at best for a attic conversion in Edinburgh, according to the medieval Edinburgh air. The basic elements when shaping the rustic style are wood and stone, traditional decorations. All those objects that remind you of the past, childhood, nature. This style is one that gives warmth to a space and makes it very welcoming. If you want such an attic conversion in Edinburgh, then  you should use in its arrangement a warm, neutral color palette and use, as decoration elements, natural objects.  By choosing a wooden floor and simple furniture, with a slightly outdated look, you will give your attic or loft the desired rustic shade and romantic air atmosphere.
  • Modern style attic  If, however, you are a follower of a newer style and you prefer simple and practical rooms, then, most likely the modern style of arrangement will suit you better than the rustic one. It is based on straight lines, simple colors – such as white, beige or gray – and the absence of carpets. For the floor, you can use dark wood or marble parquet, and the furniture should have a precise shape. You can decorate the space with black and white photos or with large paintings, but without a frame.

How to decorate your attic while rearranging it ?

The main rule when decorating your attic is not to abuse the decorative objects so as not to overload the space.

  • Furniture When choosing the furniture it is best to choose a simple, minimalist, custom-made furniture. Every inch of the loft must be used carefully to save as much space as possible. You can consider using a table and a wardrobe on wheels so that you can easily rearrange them when you feel the need for a change in the look of the room.
  • Floor and the ceiling, both the choice of colors and the appearance of the floor and ceiling depend on the style of arrangement and your preferences. The best option for the floor is solid wood, simple in color. As for the ceiling, you can choose an unfinished look of it, for an unusual effect. As materials, depending on the chosen style of arrangement, there is the variant of wood and concrete, for each there is the possibility to add decorative elements.
  • Lighting objects The lighting fixtures in your attic are very important, because they have both a practical and decorative purpose, so their choice is not so easy. Choose the ones with a simple but effective design that is in harmony and consistency with the rest of the objects. Bulbs without lampshades or special-looking lamps can be the right choice for your attic conversion in Edinburgh.
  • Decorative elements The decoration is important in arranging a room, but you should not exaggerate from this point of view. Choose the number of decorative objects depending on the size of the loft or attic, so as not to create an overcrowded atmosphere. Motivational paintings, candles and decorative pillows can beautify the look of your attic and create a cozy atmosphere. 

What do you need keep in mind when arranging for attic conversions?

For your attic conversion to look exactly as you want, but also to allow you to use it for the desired purpose, let’s take into account a few details.  

  • Choose light and neutral colors – to visually enlarge the space;
  • Choose and make an option for large windows, which will help you to capitalize on the natural light and which will offer you a panoramic view of the surroundings;
  • Focus on practical and useful objects and try to leave in the background the strictly decorative ones. It is also important if your attic (loft) is in inside a block of flats or in a house (home).
  • The attic of a private home offers several advantages, especially since it can be used as storage space, too. It can also be extremely useful, if it is arranged, decorated and repartitioned properly.

What problems can you encounter while doing an attic conversion?

The attic space is prone to some problems that you have to take into account when arranging it, in order to prevent them. First of all, water infiltrations can occur through the roof, which is totally unpleasant, regardless of the purpose for which you use the attic. Avoid this incident by using waterproofing materials for the roof, which contain bitumen or plastics. Seek a specialist for a quality work, so as not to have unpleasant surprises.    

Another problem that could arise is overheating, but this can also be avoided. All you have to do is not allow the safety ventilation to be covered with insulating materials, so that the air flow can circulate constantly.

If you have a house with a loft, you should feel lucky. Not only because you have an intimate and extra space, but also because you can use it for any purpose. The arrangement may seem more difficult and the costs may be higher at first, they will be covered and amortized over time. This, due to the amount of heat that the attic stores for the entire home. We wish you a very good luck and inspired ideas while doing an attic conversion. 

loft modern style and decorations
Modern style and decorations


Loft conversion into baby's room
Baby’s room


Attic conversion in Edinburgh, add value to your property
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