Find the way to your dream kitchen renovation in Edinburgh

The kitchen is the Queen and the heart of the house so that, kitchen renovation in Edinburgh is a tipping point.

In the kitchen the aromas and spices of nature join hands in a wonderful dance to create new universes.

Whether you are passionate about cooking, or this activity is not among your hobbies, the kitchen is a very important space of your home. The arrangement of the kitchen is based on several criteria, according to what you are interested in improving or changing in it.

Kitchen renovation in Edinburgh remodeling criteria are divided into two subcategories, based on the structure and architecture of the building, varying according to the type of home.

1. Kitchen renovation in Edinburgh for flats

Do you plan a kitchen renovation in Edinburgh for a flat? A flat often restricts the usable space, because there are only limited opportunities to expand the work .

If you want the time spent in the kitchen to be as pleasant and useful as possible, make sure you have all the necessary conditions to create culinary masterpieces.

In a kitchen renovation Edinburgh inside a flat you can choose to take down a wall to create a open space kitchen. In this case always contact a architect and a structural engineer. Do not take down load bearing walls!

Either it’s a budget fix-up or a complete makeover, Alpha Business Contractors Ltd is going to assist you with a helpful cost guide to your kitchen renovation in Edinburgh.

2. Kitchen renovation in Edinburgh for a house

Setting up a kitchen for a house, most of the time, requires a longer time to complete the project than for an apartment in a block of flats. One of the main reasons is the larger number of units you have to consider when planning the overall kitchen renovation.


At the same time, a house offers you the possibility of larger storing spaces, especially arranged spaces, so that the usable perimeter of the kitchen is larger. If you benefit from a very large plot of land, you can even consider building a summer kitchen and a gazebo, which from spring to autumn can host family meals or quick snacks.

How much does it cost a kitchen renovation in Edinburgh?

Basically, you might expect to pay about £6,200 for a budget kitchen renovation in Edinburgh.

The costs of a kitchen remodeling will depend on your project and the chosen materials.

The quality of the fittings, hinges and storage units will also lead to the final total costs.

Either is about a small, medium or large kitchen, each one will request a tailored quote. As each will need more built-in units cupboards storage according to your unique needs.  

Do you plan to give a glamourous look to your kitchen renovation in Edinburgh? Then, we would suggest hiring a professional joiner to design, craft and install your kitchen from the very beginning.

On the other hand, a tailored custom kitchen is going to cost you much more than purchasing standard units from a local producer.

For a fully custom made (bespoke) kitchen renovation in Edinburgh, you should expect costs around £35,000. This cost also depends on how large the kitchen renovation is going to be, reflecting in the costs of materials and fitting.

In case you choose to buy the units from a producer, count the kitchen fitter daily rate or work price.

An average kitchen fitter rate is around £300 per fitter, per day.

Keep a budget track of costs to make sure that you can stay within the total planned cost of your kitchen renovation in Edinburgh.

The large majority of households (especially flats in the City of Edinburgh) have relatively small kitchens.

So, we are asked quite often:

What is the average cost of a small kitchen renovation in Edinburgh?

Well, a smaller kitchen is going to be much cheaper to remodel  than a large one and, obviously, the smaller the kitchen, the lower the renovation cost.

However, the kitchen renovation general costs will greatly depend on the needed and chosen materials.

High end materials such as granite worktops and hard wooden flooring will cause the cost to increase.

You can expect for the kitchen units (materials) to cost £3,000 for a small kitchen. This cost is affected by the quantity, style and quality you choose.

Also count in the cost of labour, appliances and any preparation work needed.

The fitting & installing costs are usually charged at a daily rate or simply work price.

You can expect an average cost of £250 – £350 per day for a kitchen fitter in Edinburgh.

The total costs of a kitchen renovation in Edinburgh will mainly depend on:

  • The size of the kitchen
  • How complex the fitting and installation is.
  • The chosen materials
  • If there are any other needed additional works such as
  1. Dismantling the old kitchen
  2. plastering
  3. electrics
  4. Complexity of the new plumbing layout

Key takeaways for your kitchen renovation in Edinburgh project

Recommended tips for arranging a new kitchen and keeping costs under control:

A. Set a start budget at keep the track. Stay within your budget by balancing the costs. Make sure you know since the very beginning how much you need to spend and take decisions based on what you can afford.

B. You can save some money if you will dismantle the old kitchen by yourself. You can even try to resell them as second hand kitchen units, if they’re in decent condition. Make sure you protect the gas appliances for a professional plumber to handle.

C. Don’t cut costs and make savings with plumbing and electric works. For your safety, we recommend that any plumbing works and electrical wiring are done by certified professionals. This, will ensure you have a completely safe and fully functional kitchen.

D. Compare different costs in order to save money – Get and gather as many as possible labour quotes and materials prices. You can save a lot of money by comparing and choosing the prices. Search for appliances, built-in storage kitchen units and worktops from different suppliers.

E. Kitchen floors playing an important part when it comes to kitchen renovation in Edinburgh – Kitchen floors will be hardly in service so choose flooring that is both eye catching, elegant and also durable.
For you to stick to the budget, we recommend laminate and vinyl flooring as affordable options to tiles or real hard wood.

F. Find and employ a local kitchen fitter.
Local craftsmen will often install your kitchen at an affordable price (based on their daily rate or work price). Definitely, the cost is going to be much lower than that of large kitchen companies.
Negotiate discounts on kitchen units and appliances from local kitchen suppliers and craftsmen.

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