How to add value to your home and sell it for a better price?

add value your home

Do you want to leave your cozy nest and sail towards other horizons? Every life has its twists and turns, and, whatever your reasons for moving, some questions are inevitable! When you want to sell your home to invest in a new project, the first instinct is often to take out your calculator.

It’s a good reflex. Indeed, you must know to what extent the sale of your house will allow you to make your next real estate purchase. But whether you have the financial backing or not, it’s still in your best interest to add value to your home in Edinburgh and sell it for a better price.

Whether it’s an investment you want to make over the long term or just before reselling, we’ve compiled a list of home improvements that add value to your property.

Invest in strategic work to add value to your house

If you’re ready to get your hands dirty (your wallet, too), there’s no shortage of interesting work!

Increase its living space.

The price of a house is (largely) defined by its size. Expanding the living space of your house is therefore a great way to increase its value. For this, you have several possibilities: do an extension of house, build a garage, or more simply to remodel your attic or your basement. In any case, keep in mind that this work is usually accompanied by administrative procedures (building permit, building regulations, etc.) and that the price per additional square meter obtained must not exceed the one at which you can sell your house.

Increase the performance of your home

With the increase in the price of energy and the growing importance of the ecological issue in our society, the performance of a home is increasingly scrutinized by buyers. A good energy label can now change the fate of a sale and influence its price. If you want to add value to your home, then you can re-insulate the walls or roof, change the plumbing system, or invest in a new boiler, solar panels, etc. This work will considerably reduce the energy bill of the house, which is a major selling point!

Renovate strategic parts

In real estate, it is common knowledge that bathrooms and kitchens are highly strategic parts in the sale of a house. If you want to add value to your home, they must be new, functional and healthy. If one of the two is downright old-fashioned, don’t hesitate to invest in some renovations. Do according to your means! A lick of paint and the replacement of the faucets are sometimes enough to bring a bathroom back to life.

Give your house the wow factor!

smart homeFinally, to amaze your potential buyers, you can invest in exceptional equipment, such as a swimming pool or smart home type systems. This type of equipment will significantly increase the value of your home. However, be careful not to embark on too expensive investments. You need to add value to your home in order to get a better price for it. The work you do must always remain profitable in the light of the expected evolution of the selling price.

Make a good plan

Some of this work is eligible for tax deductions, or even specific loans at very attractive rates. Consult your broker to prepare your financing and do not miss any of the opportunities offered to you by law and by banks!

Add value to your home in Edinburgh at a lower cost with home staging

If you don’t want to ruin yourself on the job, you can opt for a much more economical, but still effective solution: home staging.

The idea is simple: make your home attractive to as many people as possible with a minimum amount. Interesting, isn’t it? This technique, coming straight from North America, is about reorganizing your interior by giving each room a specific function (the buyer must understand what each room is about).

We also advise you to create space and fluidity in your home in Edinburgh. To do this, clean up: create storage spaces, remove the overly personal decorations, store your large furniture (like the sideboard offered by your grandmother), and clear the space around the windows to let the light flood your home.  You can also tear down a wall (that of the kitchen, for example) to enlarge the living room. Nowadays, an open plan kitchen really adds value to your home!

Do not hesitate to carry out small renovations to give your home a facelift: replace the fronts of your kitchen cabinets, apply new sealer in your bathroom, give your walls and that old furniture a lick of paint (choose neutral colors). Finally, consider arranging the exterior of your house by properly maintaining your garden or your terrace and brightening it up with flowers or a pretty garden furniture. A lick of paint on the facade and thefront door, and your house will look like new!

Understand the capital gain in real estate

Like any investment, real estate investments involve some risk, and the capital gain is never acquired. To hope to make a profit, you must have this scope in mind when making your purchase. The best way to add value to your home is therefore to choose it well, from the start! For this, you can rely on a set of indices which, put together, provides you with more guarantees:

  • Prefer dynamic regions, or developing ones such as large cities, or locations by the sea. The value of real estate is constantly increasing.
  • Choose a trendy neighborhood, close to all amenities, green spaces, and future job centers.
  • Give preference to energy efficient homes(energy, environmental standards, etc.).
  • Do not hesitate to turn to houses that require some This is often where the best deals are found, and you can easily figure the amount of work to be expected with our help.


The best way to add value to your home is to choose the right house from the start!

In the long term, some work that you undertake will inevitably add value to your property (loft conversion, extra bathrooms, increase in energy performance). In some cases, you can then take advantage of tax deductions and advantageous borrowing conditions.

You can finally add value to your home at a lower cost, thanks to home staging.

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How to add value to your home and sell it for a better price?
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